[X] angels in monotheisms
[X] anthropology of communication
[X] bible from the perspective of culture studies
[X] christianity of the first centuries
[X] introduction to the jewish culture
[X] jewish culture in medieval europe
[X] judaism
[X] religions of the ancient near east i
[X] satan in abrahamic religions
[X] vampire – the classical roots of the myth

[X] composing a term paper
[X] preparing for the final test
[X] classroom behavior policy

[X] bible suite – variety of bibles, dictionaries and concordances
[X] christian classics ethereal library – pretty self-explanatory
[X] e-sword – free bible study software, lots of goodies
[X] extranet – papers and books on pretty much everything (uj students only)
[X] judaica europeana – digitized jewish heritage
[X] methodology – a comprehensive handbook of research methods in religious studies
[X] omniglot – plethora of resources for the students of hebrew
[X] perseus – library of classical roman and greek sources
[X] – a treasury of apocryphal and pseudepigraphal books
[X] – rich collection of links to the sources and other helpful materials
[X] sacred texts – as the name implies, online repository of the holy writs
[X] sefaria – a library of jewish texts with growing number of collaborated translations
[X] soncino glossary of the talmudic terms
[X] theoi – compendium of the greek mythology with the source-references